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A Matter of Size

Herzl joins a fitness club to get into shape, but the process turns out to be sheer torture and the results are disappointing. Losing weight and getting fit is not easy. Finally fed up with the ridicule he faces on a daily basis, Herzl chances upon sumo wrestling as a way to turn his size into self-respect. He manages to convince some friends to join him, and they all learn some important lessons about life itself. Described by Variety as displaying “a finely honed visual sense and superb comic timing,” A Matter of Size contains a little bit of everything — comedy, romance, friendship. In the tradition of The Full Monty, this charming film with winning performances by an excellent cast and a moral about self-image for all of us, big or small, to ponder.

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Directed by: 
Sharon Maymon, Erez Tadmor
Running Time: 
Hebrew & Japanese with English Subtitles
Shaul Azar, Dvir Benedek
Screenplay by: 
Sharon Maymon


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